A new look for Natyoural


May 2022

Sustainable fashion


Natyoural is an Italian brand of sustainable women’s clothing, producing high-quality knitwear since 1936. The company presented itself with a difficulty in enhancing its online presence and a need for an eCommerce that could match the expectations that a high-quality brand brings with it.

The brand also wanted to bring the Made in Italy sustainable Fashion abroad but it needed a strategic and creative direction to realize its ambitions.

Services provided

Analysis and Strategy

Brand Strategy

eCommerce Creation

Analysis and strategy for the brand

To launch the products abroad, Natyoural needed to understand what the most attractive market was. Through the analysis of consumption and research trends in various countries around the world, we identified the country with the most favorableconditions: Ireland.

Once we identified the target market, we analysed the microdata of the target to reveal the preferences of potential customers. From the valuable insights obtained in the analysis, we identified the fundamental angles on which to leverage the communication strategy.

Sustainability and Made in Italy as guiding threads of the Communication

Sustainability and Made in Italy are widely emphasized as core concepts of the communication strategy. All the channels highlight the characteristics that distinguish the brand: from the traceability of production processes to the sustainability of the raw materials chosen and 100% local production.


Brand Strategy, eCommerce Creation and Content Marketing


User Experience, User Interface & WordPress Development

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